quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

[PROJECTO] '5 Anos com SHINee' Projecto com Parceira Internacional 'FOREVER KEY'

SHINee's 5th
To commemorate
SHINee's 5th
Anniversay we
decided to give
them a message
scrapbook! The
concept is like a
through these 5
years with
SHINee. We'd like
you all to
participate by
sending in your
messages to
SHINee to our
with the subject
"SHINee Anniv
Msg" Your
messages must be
200 characters
limit. Dont forget to put your name, country, also your pic/selca. Our admins
will compile your
messages and
decorate them
prettily with
SHINee's lightstick
color :)))
May 2013
Write ONLY in
English or Korean
(if you're sure
enough), you may
write "I love you"
with your own
language at the
end. The message
scrapbook will be
sent to SHINee
just in time for
anniversary at
25th May :D we
hope to see your
message soon! Do
feel free to tweet
us if you have any

Thank You :)


We will also be accepting donations for this project! However,we regret to inform that we will not be able to accept paypal payments.

We will only be accepting banks transfers for Indonesia/International, and Meetups/Concealed Cash for Singapore.

If you're donating via bank transfer, please mention @kee961004
If you're donating via meetup/concealed cash for Singapore, pelase mention @IROCKEHH

Donor Benefits.
- If you donate over 5 USD, you will get 1 special set of 5 photocards, produced and printed by Forever_Key. [Choice of Key http://twitpic.com/cnljpd /OT5 http://twitpic.com/cnljn5 /Individual SHINeehttp://twitpic.com/cnljj2]

Shipping Fees for the photocards will have to be paid for by the donor.

Shipping to Singapore: $4
Shipping to Indonesia/Thailand: $8
Shipping to Malaysia : $6
For shipping to other countries, please mention @IROCKEHH for more details!

Feel free to mention us @Forever_Key for any queries! 

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